The "About Stuff" Page

I am a human being of Dutch origins (think, slightly miserly but with pretty hair).  I live on Earth, likely somewhere in North America, although I'm not committing to that.

I sort-of speak Spanish...a little bit...but don't quiz me because I'll stare at you and then be all like, "Si, hola, muy muy bien!"  I guess I'm not the sharpest under stress.

I have a vase of flowers in my room.  It's actually a mason jar, wrapped with wire and hung on the wall, and I stick some water in there and try to keep the flowers fresh.  It's pretty.  I like it.  I also like ice cream and stuff.  Some things I don't like:

1.  Hot and sticky weather.  Seriously.  Can't it just be winter all the time?  Or at least, cool-ish?  You can look adorable while bundled up in winter clothes, but no way are you going to look good in 90-degree weather.  Just no.
2.  Spiders.  Duh.  Except with them, it's less of a "don't like" and more of a "mortally afraid of" sort of thing.
3.  Cats that hate being cuddled.  Why?  WHYYY??  It's just wrong to be so soft and yet, so prickly.
4.  Other stuff.  I dunno.  I just drew a blank on unlikable stuff.

So yeah, there's me in a nutshell.  Right there.  You just read it.  Unless you're the sort of person who skips to the bottom.  (Note to that sort of person:  You are a punchline-stealer who likely also picks unripe fruit and takes laundry out of the dryer too soon.  So you always smell damp.  And that's just sick.  Knock it off.)    As far as the rest of you normal, law-abiding people are concerned, however, congratulations on reading a bunch of stuff about me and yet learning so little!  You should be proud of yourselves.  Really.

Also, a picture of a honey badger.  For posterity.  


  1. Yup! I'm now completely convinced that we might be twins!(well, except for maybe the Dutch part) LOL