Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Sordid Little Story: Timmy Gets a Job

See Timmy.  Timmy is a human teenager.

See Timmy enjoy the fruits of an irresponsible existence and mediocre high school grades.  See him feed on the success of his parents, more or less like a leech.  See him using his anterior suckers and a combination of suction and mucus to attach himself for feeding.  Watch him secreting hirudin, an anticoagulant enzyme, into the bloodstream of the host.  Timmy is disgusting.

Look, here comes Timmy's high school diploma!  Timmy is now a jobless graduate with no purpose in life. 

Here come Timmy's parents.  Run, Timmy, run!  Too thick-skulled to sense the impending danger, Timmy is coerced into an office job requiring endless menial labor.  

See the effects of work and responsibilities catch up with Timmy.  See them stalk him and take him down like the grim reaper or some sort of joy-killing wraith.  Watch him crumble from the inside out.  Watch his soul evaporate and his hopes and dreams form a puddle on the floor.  

See Timmy hang himself with his own tie.  

Look, here come Timmy's relatives!  Watch them squabble over Timmy's secondhand clothes. 

See Timmy's father.  See him look at Timmy's suicide tie.  The tie is made of silk.  It is an expensive tie.  Timmy's father wants it for himself.  See him abscond with the tie.  See him wear it himself, with one of Timmy's shirts.

See Timmy's mother.  She is annoyed by the funeral arrangements, but at least now she can go back to school and get a degree.  See Timmy's mother and father slow-dancing in the living room.  

See Timmy's picture, forgotten in a box of Aunt Maude's chinaware and discarded knee-highs.  Watch everybody forget about Timmy.  Such is the fate of all slacking teenagers unhappily thrust into employment.

The End.

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